Art / ‘Opera’

by Rae Li

This piece came to my mind after being reminded of my childhood by one of my favourite games. Although I have never thought of Chinese Opera as an important part of my life, hearing it always brings me back to the good worriless days where the TV was turned on and I could just sit on the floor doing nothing and watch the days pass by. Time flows by so quickly, yet music could bring back memories of places and people I thought I had forgotten. 

Genshin Impact introduced many to Chinese Opera, but with such popularity came backlash as well. Aside from like and dislike, there should be compassion for the experiences of others. The girl behind the mask is an artist that should be respected. Behind every work of art, there is someone who worked days and night and put their heart and soul into a piece. What one is not accustomed to still deserves kindness and respect.

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