Editorial Board 2018-19

2018 – 19
editorial board


Lily-Cannelle Mathieu is a third year Joint Honours Anthropology and Art History student pursuing a minor in East Asian Studies. After having served Orientations as an editor in 2017-2018, she is delighted to be Orientations’ Editor-in-Chief for its fourteenth print edition and for the launch of the journal’s website! Lily-Cannelle is particularly interested in contemporary heritage management and in Asian art and architecture. Guided by her passion for Japanese gardens, culture, and aesthetics, she will undertake anthropological fieldwork in the Shukkeien garden of Hiroshima in July and August 2019.


Emma Corso is a third year Double Major in Anthropology and East Asian Studies, and is thrilled to be both an editor and creative content creator for this edition of Orientations. She studies Korean, and is interested in both the social and political conditions of East Asia, as well as popular culture. She hopes to conduct ethnographic research in South Korea or Japan as a graduate student.

Tiffany Dai is a third year Art History major with minors in Communication Studies and Chemistry. In her first year on an editorial team, she is excited to be working on this year’s edition of Orientations in print and online. After McGill, Tiffany aims to pursue art conservation and restoration. With interests in Chinese contemporary art and film, she hopes to volunteer in Shanghai this summer to gain more experience in a museum setting.

Gina Fung is a fourth-year Joint Honours History and International Development Studies student with a minor in East Asian Cultural Studies. In brief, some of her research interests include (but are not limited to) U.S. imperialism in the Asia-Pacific region in spaces, space-making, and contact zones; and the histories of urban planning and zoning in East Asia.

Anthony Kuan is a third year History and East Asian Studies student and an editor for Orientations. He is interested in studying the seminal historical dynamics responsible for developing modern East Asia, and the broader role that these dynamics have had in influencing the political relationships that extend through and beyond the region at present. In addition to his role in Orientations, Anthony has also edited for Luminous, a student journal aimed at promoting the latest academic research at McGill University, and for the McGill International Review.

Jamie Miura is a third year Political Science student pursuing minors in East Asian Cultural Studies and Management. He currently serves as an editor at the Orientations Journal for 2018-19. Jamie is interested in US-Japan relations and its influence on the regional dynamics of East Asia. After spending a semester at the University of Tokyo, Jamie continues to explore his interest in US-Japan relations through his work as the American Executive Committee Chair of the 71st Japan-America Student Conference. He plans to further pursue his academic interests through an internship at the Department of State this summer.

Jonathan Webb is a third year History major and East Asian Studies minor. He is especially interested in media related to the history of international relations in East Asia. He worked with Oscar-winning director Ruby Yang on her documentary “Ritoma”, which highlighted issues surrounding some Tibetan nomads’ experience with western sports. He aims to specialise in sound production for films to further his passion and involvement in cinema that centres on East Asian topics.