Editorial Board 2019-20

2019 – 20

editorial board

anthony kuan | general copy editor

Anthony Kuan is a fourth year History and East Asian Studies student and an editor for Orientations. He is interested in studying the seminal historical dynamics responsible for developing modern East Asia, and the broader role that these dynamics have had in influencing the political relationships that extend through and beyond the region at present. In addition to his role in Orientations, Anthony has also edited for Luminous, a student journal aimed at promoting the latest academic research at McGill University, and for the McGill International Review.

tiffany dai | editor & submissions manager

Tiffany Dai is a fourth year Art History major with minors in Communication Studies and Chemistry. As the submissions manager for this edition of Orientations, she is looking forward to reading and sharing what McGill students have to offer to the journal. With an interest in art restoration, Tiffany aims to earn a certification in conservation studies in Italy after McGill.

emma corso | editor & publications/website manager

Emma is a fourth year Double Major in Anthropology and East Asian Studies, and is thrilled to be returning as an editor for this edition of Orientations. She studies Korean, and is interested in both the social and political conditions of East Asia, as well as popular culture. She hopes to conduct ethnographic research in South Korea or Japan as a graduate student.

jamie miura | editor & finance manager

Jamie Miura is a fourth year Political Science student pursuing minors in East Asian Cultural Studies and Management. His primary academic interest rests with how public diplomacy can promote closer ties between the United States and Indo-Pacific nations. He served as the American Executive Committee Chair of the 71st Japan-America Student Conference, the oldest university student exchange program between the U.S. and Japan. During the summer, he interned at the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC.

phoebe lee | editor & communications manager

Phoebe Lee is a third year English Literature and History student, and her first year on the editorial board of Orientations. She is interested in East Asian history, as well as comparative literature between East Asian and European traditions. Orientations enables her to return to her cultural roots, while promoting the literary interests of East Asia. In addition to her role in Orientations, she also serves as an editor for both The Channel (the journal of the English department) and Flux: International Relations Review.

jonathan webb | editor & event manager

Jonathan Webb is a fourth year History major and East Asian Studies minor. He is especially interested in media related to the history of international relations in East Asia. He worked with Oscar-winning director Ruby Yang on her documentary “Ritoma”, which highlighted issues surrounding some Tibetan nomads’ experience with western sports. He aims to specialise in sound production for films to further his passion and involvement in cinema that centres on East Asian topics.

isabelle shi | editor

Isabelle Shi is a fourth year Political Science Honour student with a minor in Religion and Globalization. Previously a staff writer for the MJPS, this year she is excited to be a part of this year’s Orientations editorial board. Her major areas of interest are international relations, post-colonial theory, the intersection of religion and politics, and the cultural dynamics of globalization.

elsasoa jousse | editor

Elsasoa Jousse is a third year English literature Honours student with a minor in East Asian Studies. She is one of the editors for the Orientations journal this 2019-2020 academic year. Her interests include Chinese language, literature and East Asian critical and media theory. Currently, she is researching Afro-Asianism during the Cold War for her Honours essay. In addition to Orientations, she has edited for the IJEE journal in Indonesia and hopes she will find opportunities to edit professionally once she graduates.

yuzhou yan | editor

Yuzhou Yan is a second-year student from China with a double major in Linguistics and Computer Science. He is interested in language and society in East Asia and their intertwined relationship. He is excited to learn more about the connection between Japanese and Korean Language through his forthcoming exchange to the University of Tokyo. Yuzhou is also passionate about traditional visual arts in East Asia — he regularly practices calligraphy and has developed some unique understanding of it.

danielle oltman | editor