Editorial Board 2021-22

2021 – 22

editorial board

léa baillargeon (she/her/elle) | editor-in-chief

Léa Baillargeon is a U1 student majoring in Psychology and minoring in East Asian Language and Literature. She is a published writer, editor, and full-time psychology student at McGill. She has worked for several academic publications and takes interest in social influence, autism, and East Asian languages. Alongside her research, she likes to advocate for human rights and educate herself on the social issues our communities face.

ethan bird (he/him/il) | managing editor

In U3, Ethan Bird is majoring in Honors Geography and minoring in East Asian Language and Literature. Ethan has been learning Mandarin Chinese for almost a decade and is very interested in Chinese language and culture. He is interested in combining academic research and everyday experiences to further cross-cultural understanding and further the goals of global peace, prosperity, and justice.

sasha staggs (she/her/elle) | communications manager & editor

Sasha Staggs, in U3 and in her graduating term, majors in Linguistics and minors in East Asian Language and Literature. Fascinated by the history and phonetics of the language, she studied Korean at McGill for two consecutive years and hopes to continue learning about the language and the culture after graduating. Passionate about creative writing, editing, and fostering a diverse community, she aims to pursue these interests even after her involvement with the journal is completed.

jessica zhang (she/her/elle) | editor

In U1, Jessica Zhang is double majoring in East Asian Studies & International Development. She is deeply interested in the social issues, languages and cultures of East Asia and is particularly interested in Japanese culture and Chinese culture. She aspires to understand the multifaceted issues in the contemporary world and to create a bridge between the East Asian communities in the West and from East Asia through her involvement with the Journal.